Top Reasons I Will No Longer Offer Microblading...

When I first entered the world of microblading and permanent makeup back in 2017 I trained under one of the most prestigious companies in the world. I was taught that microblading could be done on any skin type, however, clients with oily/combo skin types would have a harder time retaining the pigment which in turn meant they would need more frequent touch ups.

Now almost 4 years later I have come away with the understanding that although what I was taught was true, my trainer and that company failed to mention that overtime the amount of clients that would heal well with microblading was much smaller than the ones that would heal out unsuccessfully.

I have decided after much thought I cannot continue to offer this service.

Here are the top reasons why I no longer offer Microblading...

#1- The majority of people I meet are not good candidates for Microblading....

Microblading is not good for clients with combo skin, oily skin, mature skin, thin skin, sweat a lot/very active, sensitive skin and people with past work done elsewhere or has blurred out overtime. I feel this list is the majority of people I meet versus the minority.

#2- Overtime the work can blur and looks fuzzy....

The clients who successfully heal are usually on the drier side of normal, have small pores and follow every detail of their aftercare well after their work has healed.

The majority of people are not born with perfect skin so there is a chance that over time the stroke marks may blur and begin to look fuzzy. The only way to move forward as an artist, if your client wants microblading, is to continue implanting strokes overtop of the blurred marks, however, this only makes the problem worse overtime and the result will remain the same.

#3- Microblading can cause more trauma on the skin....

Microblading is achieved by implanting pigment in the skin using a hand tool that has up to 18 "micro" blades that are dragged through the skin. That dragging motion can be too much for certain skin types causing damage.

Microblading also requires more frequent touch ups which causes more trauma overtime. This is not the case with other techniques that last longer, ex. powder brows.

#4- Most women want to ditch their brow makeup and save time on their routine...

There is a misconception that microblading allows women to ditch the brow makeup. For microblading to be successful the hair strokes need to be placed with space in between them so they do not heal into each other. This space does not allow for an all over color or bulk that most women achieve with their makeup. Most of my clients are much happier when they pick a procedure that has shading included so they can finally ditch their brow makeup.

Additionally, microblading requires more touch ups due to the nature of the hair strokes and how they heal out overtime causing clients to feel they have a "done" brow for less time than other procedures. The powder brow technique lasts longer, heals more uniform and requires less maintenance along with achieving a look of a filled in brow so clients can get up and go.

#5- I am sick of having to cherry pick clients and have such a exclusive service that leaves out so many.

#6- I have found a new technique that I feel is safer and will be more inclusive and leave more clients happier for a longer period of time.

Powder brows is, in my opinion, the best service that I provide. It can be done as natural or as bold as a client would like and it allows women to have their brows done in a way where they can actually do nothing in the morning when they wake up. It is a service that almost every skin type can have done, it heals the best and lasts the longest.

If clients still have their heart set on hair strokes I will be providing them but with the help of my machine not the hand tool used in microblading. This technique is called Nano Brows or as I am calling it, Micropoint. Instead of using the hand tool with the 18 micro-blades dragging through the skin, I can achieve the same look with a single point which is much more precise and limits the trauma and allows for better healed results for more people. For more information on this method check out the procedure, Combination Brow, under the "Brows" tab.

For more information on my favorite technique...Powder Brows...check out my blog post with all the ins and outs of this popular and safer alternative. Coming this week :)

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