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The "Push Up Bra" for your Lashes

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Deemed by Marie Claire magazine as the "push up bra" for your lashes the Lash Lift has quickly become an obsession for "on the go" women (especially moms) who want to look put together quickly and with as little effort as possible.

So what exactly is the Lash Lift??

The Lash Lift is a procedure where your lashes are bent back and laid (with a small amount of adhesive) against a silicone shaper in the shape of a half moon. These shapers come in small, medium and large. What shaper the artist uses is based on your lash length but also how strong of a lift you prefer (the smaller the shaper the bigger the lift). After the lashes are adhered to the shaper a solution, which acts as a perming agent to open the hair cuticle, is placed on the lashes for a period of time (usually 10-14 minutes). This is then followed by a setting solution which closes the hair cuticle allowing it to keep its shape and a nourishing oil. There is also the additional choice of tinting the lashes that can be added on to mimic the color of mascara.

Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions-

Lash Extensions have been a hot beauty trend for awhile now causing women from all ages and backgrounds to try them (I am raising my hand as I write this). But what didn't work for me with lash extensions was the overall maintenance of having them. The lash artist I went to was phenomenal, however, with 3 kids and running my own business I just didn't have the time to keep up with the 2-3 week lash fills that were required. Plus I have to admit I was guilty of always picking at them and I hated walking around with the wonky ones that aren't really attached but haven't completely fallen off (if you have done extensions then you know exactly what I am talking about). At the end of the day lash extensions just weren't my thing. With the lash lift its a quick appointment, lasts much longer and is cheaper overall. Plus if I still want to wear mascara and liner I can, which is something lash extensions don't allow.